Let's Make Your Dream Home Project A Reality:

Selective Remodeling is very grateful for our loyal customers, and many of them have taken the necessary steps to make sure their home remodeling projects are completed in an efficient manner. While the design and construction process are our responsibility, there are several things clients can do to help out in the process. To learn how you can be the best client ever, read these tips.

Leave it to the Professionals

Home improvement reality shows can make remodeling projects seem like a piece of cake that any amateur homeowner can complete. However, it is always wise to leave big projects like home remodeling to professionals. To eliminate the risk of additional home repair, do not start projects without a skilled and experienced team like ours.

Stick to the Plans

When planning your project, make sure your goals are clear. And just as importantly, make sure you stick to these plans throughout the completion of the project. Deciding to change plans midway will cause a lot of wasted time, hassle, and extra money.

Home Remodeling from Selective Remodeling

Set Up a Staging Area

One thing that many clients do not consider when hiring a home remodeling team is the need for a designated staging area to set up the tools and equipment. Creating a designated space for this saves hours of time that the team would otherwise have to spend setting up and dismantling each day.

Limit Distractions

While we understand some clients are curious to check up on the progress of their remodeling projects, it is best to limit these check-ins to only a few times a day, ideally at the beginning and end, and maybe once in the middle. Leaving the construction team space and time without distractions can help speed up the remodeling process.

Be a Good Communicator

And of course, being a good communicator will help ensure your home remodeling project gets done in a timely manner. To be the best client ever, communicate clearly and often with your contractor and design team. If they have questions for you, be sure you reply in a timely manner so that they can start the work as soon as possible.

Selective Remodeling is a full-service home improvement company that can remodel any or all rooms in your house. We are located in Coram, NY and licensed in Nassau & Suffolk counties. We offer free estimates and go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our work. To get your home remodel project started, give us a call today at 631-736-5049 visit our showroom at 406 Middle Country Road. We look forward to designing the home of your dreams!