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We believe remodeling is a collaborative process, that is why we created an all inclusive lookbook to help you discover design options and inspire your next project.


We will help you turn your home into your own design masterpiece!

Having a dream project done on your home should be fun and enjoyable at every step of the way. We’ve created this lookbook as a guide to show you how much fun it is planning a project and all of the possibilities that can come from a creative team’s idea.

Every project we do is the result of 2 generations of experience that my father taught me my whole life. My dad always said “Be truthful. Respect other people’s homes. Take pride in your work and treat your clients like family because they are”

Mike Patti Owner, and your entire Selective Remodeling Team


PS:  To learn more about our company please, read this story – (In My Fathers Name)

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