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Check Out These Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Forever Home

It takes some time for people to find their forever homes, the homes that they plan to live in for the rest of their lives. If you are on the lookout for your forever home, you will want to find the bathroom that is perfect for you and your needs, as well as the needs of your family. Here are some remodeling tips if you find a bathroom in your forever home that is less than perfect.

Tips for Remodeling

Curbless Shower

One of the newest sensations for remodeling is low threshold or curbless showers. This remodel allows for showers to flow from the bathroom tile right into the shower stall. Not only is this shower easier for senior adults to move in and out of, but it allows you to expand the size of your shower as well.

You may also want to add shower seating in your shower. Not only is this great for older adults who may need to sit down to shower, but it is also great for families with young children, as well as people who have difficulty showering due to a disability. If you are thinking about a bathroom for older adults or people who have limited mobility, you may also want to add handheld shower heads so that an adult can sit in the shower comfortably and shower without standing. Grab bars are also great aids to senior adults as well, because it lowers the chances the adult will lose their balance.

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