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Some Big Ideas for the Small Space in Your Home

While smaller homes and condos have a cozy appeal, some are worried that a small space might not be practical enough for them. Well, we’re here to share some big ideas for the small space to make the most out of it and give it a larger-than-life persona. 

Wine Rack and Kitchen Remodeling through Selective Remodeling


If you take a look at everything you have in your living space, you might notice a lot of items you don’t need or want anymore. Downsizing is the first step. Freeing up a considerable amount of space will give you the room to bring things to life. 


If you live in an area that lacks a considerable amount of natural light, this is where some new steps can really give the illusion of more space. Items such as floor lamps or higher-wattage bulbs can make your space seem larger than they actually are. 

Uniformity & Flooring 

While you may feel tempted to create variety in your living space, too much can make you feel penned in. Uniformity, particularly in the flooring of a smaller living space, can create an effective optical illusion that gives off the impression of more room. This also applies to the walls of your living area; if you opt to utilize one single color, this and the lighting can really bring out the spaciousness of your home. 


While furniture is necessary for any living space, too much is never a good thing. You can make do with the essentials, such as a couch and a bed and live in luxury. It all comes down to where in your room you place items such as these. Having items against the wall and not out in the open will create the illusion of more space. 

Be Creative! 

Getting the interior of your home to look its very best may take some time, but it gives you the chance to flex your creative muscle and really bring your small space to life in a very large way. And when you’re in the process of finalizing any design, think about consulting the experts at Selective Remodeling. We’ve helped many turn their dream homes into their real ones, and we can do the same for you. Give us a call at 631-736-5049 or fill out the form below to get started today!

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