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Siding Repairs: 3 Quick Fixes for Common Siding Problems

Providing protection from environmental elements while boosting the aesthetic appeal, siding is an essential component to the value and feel of your home. However, if you do not maintain your siding, you may experience issues that require attention and repairs. 

There are many different types of siding repairs depending on the type of issue you are dealing with. From cracked or damaged siding to discoloration and fading, there’s a fix to all siding problems. While it is always best to consult professionals, having some  basic knowledge can reduce the cost and severity of these problems. In this blog we will address how to maintain your siding better!

At Selective Remodeling, we are siding and roofing experts who have a lot of experience with siding repairs. Let us walk you through various siding problems you might encounter and some quick fixes to save time and money. Let’s dive right in!

Understanding Siding Repairs: 3 Common Siding Problems and Their Fixes

1. Tackling Faded or Discolored Siding

As siding is installed on the exterior parts of your home, it can often become faded or discolored. This can happen due to sun exposure, harsh weather conditions, or inadequate maintenance. Fortunately, there are a few ways to restore the original beauty of your siding.

When it comes to siding repairs for discoloration, the first thing on the list is a thorough cleaning. Start the process by removing any dirt, grime or mildew using a mild detergent solution and a soft-bristle brush. Following this, make sure to rinse the siding with water to remove any remaining cleaning residue. This process is often successful at treating mild discoloration.

However, if cleaning on it’s own doesn’t help, you might want to consider repainting your siding. Remember to choose a high-quality paint that is specifically formulated for siding materials. Your siding may require sanding and a primer for long-lasting results. As siding experts, our team at Selective Remodeling can revamp your faded siding and restore the beauty of your home. Contact us now!

2. Dealing with Warped or Buckled Siding

Warping or buckling is another common siding problem that needs immediate attention. It not only diminishes your curb appeal but also compromises the basic functionality of your house siding. When it comes to warped or buckled siding, you need to first identify the underlying cause. Warping can occur from  moisture infiltration, improper installation, temperature fluctuations or wear and tear.

Once you identify the cause, your siding repair becomes much simpler. For minor warping, try to reattach the siding by removing the nails or screws that were affected. You will also need to reposition the warped section. Once the siding is properly aligned, secure it in place with fasteners

If you are dealing with severe warping, you may need to replace the affected siding panels entirely. Once you remove the damaged pieces, you’ll need to measure and cut the replacement panels so that they fit into your existing structure. 

3. Repairing Siding Gaps and Drafts

If you have gaps or drafts in your siding, you need to repair your home siding immediately. Siding gaps and drafts not only compromise the energy efficiency of your home but also make it vulnerable to moisture infiltration, pests and other outdoor elements. These issues need to be addressed effectively to maintain a comfortable and healthy home environment.

The first step would be to identify the locations of your siding gaps. Pay close attention to certain areas, like where the siding meets windows, doors, or corners. Once you know where your gaps or drafts are, you can employ a number of weather proofing techniques to seal them. 

No matter what you use, whether it’s weather-resistant caulk or sealant, make sure that the siding and adjacent surfaces are tightly sealed together. As expert siding contractors, we know exactly what goes into ensuring that your siding is free from gaps or drafts. Contact us now for all your siding needs!

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